The Ticks professional metronome will help you stay in the correct rhythm during practices or performances in an easier and more enjoyable way. With all the professional functions included, this metronome still maintains its utmost simplification of design and excellent accessibility.

The must-have metronome for musicians

Ticks have a MIDI clock of high accuracy, with diversified time signatures, speeds, and subdivisions, and there are ten built-in quality sounds for you to choose from. In addition, the time meter can be set countdowns or bars counting, which makes the practices more convenient. You can still keep the tempo even in a mute mode with the full-screen flash function.

  • A variety of beats cover even sophisticated rhythms
  • Tap tempo function
  • Track number of bars played or time
  • Store presets in multiple setlists
  • Full-screen flash
  • Classical tempo markings
  • And Much More...


We have an excellent design of setlists, with which personalized lists can be created. You can also store your frequently-used presets in the setlists for use at any time and in any place, no matter you are practicing or giving a performance.